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Q. Can I do this from my desktop, laptop or tablet device?
A. Yes, you can print coupons, email coupons, and like/share coupons on Facebook and Twitter from your desktop, laptop, tablet, & mobile phone. (printing from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone requires a WIRELESS printer)
Q. Do I really need a QR Reader?
A. No, once you have installed PassWallet, you can visit 
www.localrewards.mobi to install your coupons.
Q. Where are my coupons?
A. Your coupons are stored on your mobile phone. Coupons are accessed by opening PassWallet (for Android) or    
 PassBook (preinstalled on iPhones)
Q. I clicked on a coupon but it did not open?
A. Once you download a coupon, go to your notification bar (typically found at the top of your screen and accessed by swipping downward.) Then select your pass (pk.pass) and it will open. It then will always be found in PassWallet or PassBook and will automatically update when the business updates their offer.
Q. How do I get to the back of my coupon?
A. There are 2 important icons at the bottom of every coupon. These FLIPS as well as UPDATES coupon.
 Updates coupon
 Flips coupon over (where there is very useful information as well as important links)
Q. How do I redeem my coupon?
A. Simply open PassWallet or PassBook and show the coupon when making your purchase. Use your coupon as often as you like before its expiration date, just check the info on the back for additional coupon information as well as important business information. 
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